Liturgical Ministries

Extraordinary Ministry of Holy Communion

Lay participation in the distribution of the Eucharist is a commissioned ministry performed regularly at Mass and for the homebound in the parish. Active, dedicated parishioners who have been Confirmed participate on a rotating basis. Training is provided contact the parish office, 417-887-0600.


Readers proclaim the Word of God in the Scriptures at Mass. Training is provided. Contact the Parish office, 417-887-0600.

Mass Servers

Boys and girls, fifth grade and older may assist the priest by serving Mass. In addition to serving Mass, servers help by setting up and cleaning up after Mass. They also assist at funerals, weddings, holy hours and other liturgical functions. Training is provided contact 417-887-0600

Ushers Greeters

Ushers and greeters welcome parishioners before Mass, assist with seating parishioners, collecting monetary offerings, assist with the Preparation of the Gifts, distribute bulletins and other materials and prepare the Church for the next Mass. Contact 417-887-0600