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Attendance at a marriage preparation program is required. If you are divorced and would like to see if the Church can annul
your marriage. Contact Fr. Tom, or Sharon Weidelman @ (417) 887-0600.
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By Kathy Sunnenberg

Love your neighbor as yourself! Is that not what we all are supposed to be doing on this earthly journey? One of the paths you could take on that journey is joining “Dinner for Eight.” It is a fun ministry where our parish family can get to know and appreciate one another.

As a group Dinner for Eight is also involved in stewardship activities for the parish. This has included serving at the Parish Picnics, Lenten Suppers and competing in the Chili Cook Off. Help make our BIG parish seem a little smaller.

When Jo Gabel asked me to do this article I reflected back on the year 1996 when Frank and I got permission from our pastor to begin “Dinner for Eight” at Immaculate Conception. Our first year there were 7 groups. That included 6 singles and 25 couples. Frank and I had nine wonderful years of heading up this ministry. Was it difficult to do at times? YES. Anything worth doing is not always easy! It has now grown to 14 groups with 51 couples and 10 singles. One of our biggest years was 16 groups. We actually had that for 2 years! A goal this next year will be to increase the number of people, singles and couples alike.

After our 9th year the two of us decided “new blood” was needed. Thanks to Jo and Dennis Gabel and Ed and Sophia Griesbaum for offering to carry on. There are many others also too numerous to name that have helped to make this the success it its today.

This is an invitation for adults of all ages, couples and singles, to get involved and share their time and talents to have some fun. Groups of eight gather four times a year in a different home or another place.
Dinner for Eight
3555 South Fremont, Springfield, Missouri 65804   •   417.887.0600
Host/hostess prepare the entrée and drinks, others bring a dish to compliment the meal. If it is your turn and you prefer not to cook or clean the house, not a problem…meet for brunch after Sunday Mass and all go “Dutch Treat.” There are other options for meeting ideas and the meals are not gourmet, unless you want them to be. All groups gather twice a year in community for a “Kick off Party” which occurs the 4th Saturday in January and a “Pitch in Party” held after the 11:30 Mass on the 1st Sunday of August.
Don’t pass up this chance to become a more involved parish neighbor. Share a little of yourself, reach out, it’s fun and painless. Thank you to all who have participated in this ministry by opening your hearts and homes. You are the ones who have made this ministry a success!